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Welcome to NanaBananas’ Happy Kids

Creating Happy, Confident and Peaceful Kids

Music & Movement

Helps build social skills, creates happy energy that makes kids feel positive and reduces stress.

Self-Esteem Skill Building

Learning positive affirmations andEQ (emotional intelligence) skills empowers children to believe in themselves as they discover the power of the phrase: “I AM.”

Relaxation Exercises

Kids become calm while learning to manage anxiety and stress. Experience the discovery of the magical power of their imaginations as they connect with mindful awareness.

Welcome to
Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids

We’re a joy-filled team, teaching children to harness the magical power of their imagination and connect that power with mindful awareness and happiness. Children primarily use their minds to recall information or to plan or imagine a future event. But we teach kids to get in touch with the “present-moment” mind, to become aware of their thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Negative Thoughts = Negative Experience

Drains your energy, blocks positive thoughts, causes stress, worry, errors and anger.

Positive Thoughts = Positive Experience

Children will have a strong desire to maintain the happiness they are experiencing.


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Happy Children

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What will your child gain? Positive Character Attributes: Love, Patience, Honesty, Kindness, Concentration, Self-worth and Creativity.