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Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401


(419) 350-1106


Monday – Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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    NanaBananas’ Happy Kids Classes

    Empowering children with confidence, positive affirmations and concentration activities as they develop self-esteem and happiness that prepare them for life.

    Jolly Wolly Doodle Classes

    Kids have fun singing and moving while building up positive energy. Classes help them develop self-esteem, confidence and introduce tools that show them how to relax.
    Ages: 3-5

    Lift Off From Imagination Station

    Classes guide children to understand and use their powerful imaginations. Introduce skills that build positive character attributes while learning to manage their emotions and discover peace and relaxation.
    Ages: 6-8

    Goooooo Bananas and Chill Out

    Seminars support adolescents as they maneuver through busy lives at school and extracurricular activities.  Classes help tweens cope with stress and accomplish their goals.  They develop a positive outlook on life and proactively manage their social and emotional well-being.
    Ages: 9-12