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Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids Believes...

Children with focused awareness and positive minds become powerful learners and successful, confident and calm people.

Several national tests show that 50% of a person’s success in life is determined by attitude – Yet only a small percentage of schools in America teach social and emotional well-being, an important driver in shaping a positive mindset. It is imperative that educators gain an understanding of the link between academic learning and emotional intelligence.

What are the benefits of teaching these skills to children?

  • Focused awareness
  • Responsible decision making
  • Respect of themselves and others
  • Management of emotions
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • A Sense of Calm

And, these are just a few of the benefits gained by graduating from NBHK. Our children will experience much success and happiness as they learn to apply these skills in their daily lives.

What is Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids?

NBHK is a program designed to teach emotional intelligence to children and adolescents. We believe it is important to teach these skills early on to equip children with the tools they need for success throughout school and later in life.

The program teaches skills that enhance children’s lives through unlocking the magical power of their active imaginations and helping them develop mindful awareness and a positive mindset.

Created by Deborah Smith, a.k.a Nana Bananas, the program presents interactive seminars with songs, stories, games and role-play.

Why the Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids Program Works for Children

NBHK teaches children that they are in control of their thoughts and, if they believe in themselves, they can do anything they think they can do.


  • Through self-empowerment, children will learn positive thinking skills and mindful awareness that will last a lifetime.

Optimistic Children with a Zest for Life, Learning and Success!

Two Major Components of the NBHK Program:

#1. Children will develop positive thinking skills with an “I Can Do It” attitude.

#2. Children will learn, strengthen and perfect their ability in mindful awareness  and emotional intelligence.

Positive Attitude

Classes that instruct and train children to learn the skills needed for developing a happy, positive mindset.

Help children become successful in:

  • School
  • Daily Life
  • Adult Life


National Tests and Statistics – (Why People Fail in Their Jobs)

    • 20% Poor job skills
    • 15% Poor verbal and communication skills
    • 15% Difficult boss or management

Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids research shows that children in school experience similar performance issues and challenges as people in the workplace.

To improve kids’ performance in school, we give them the tools to develop and maintain a positive attitude. And, we start by teaching the “cause/effect” theory:

For every cause, there is an effect.


  • If a child has a positive thought, then s/he will have a positive experience.
  • If a child has a negative thought, then s/he will have a negative experience.

NBHK Teaches and Expands Children's Mindful Awareness and Emotional Intelligence?

NBHK is a joy-filled program that teaches children the magical power of their imaginations as they connect with mindful awareness and inner happiness.  NBHK works because it empowers children to stay in control of their minds and bodies. NBHK teaches children to control their thoughts and emotions as they learn to practice gentleness with themselves and others.

Mindful awareness (or focused awareness) is defined simply as paying attention to one’s emotions in the present moment and without judgment. Mindful awareness is a key component of emotional intelligence, which requires understanding one’s emotions in order to remain in control of those emotions.

Mindful awareness involves using the mind in a way children may not be used to. Children primarily use their minds to recall information or to plan or imagine a future event. But there is also the “present-moment mind,” the mind that is aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations.

With the “present-mind” at work, children become aware of thoughts and feelings that may be fleeting or may stay a while. When this happens, kids will be able to “watch” this thoughts and feelings without judgment.

Mindful awareness is a tool that will assist children in acquiring skills that are beneficial to them in school and in their daily lives.

With the knowledge and use of mindful awareness, over time, children will develop positive character attributes such as: self-esteem, confidence, respect and integrity. They will also learn to manage “flooding” emotions like anger and frustration. Dealing with worry will become easier as children learn to actively harness positive attributes and usher in a sense of inner peace and calm.

What people are saying...


It has been almost eight years since Nana Bananas, aka Debbie Smith, brought her message of empowerment for kids to West Side Montessori in Toledo, Ohio. A parent of two former students at West Side, Debbie was known by our teachers as a warm, caring, outgoing, positive person. As Nana Bananas, Debbie returned to captivate the children and speak directly to their hearts. She understands children’s fears and they respond to her with openness and trust.

Nana Bananas is committed to helping young children deal with the stressors and negative aspects of their lives through a program that is upbeat and entertaining but most of all reassuring. Her goal is to help all children feel good about themselves.

I highly recommend Debbie and her alter ego as a person who will bring joy to any school setting and hopefully speak directly to the children who need her message the most.

Lynn Fisher, Founder, West Side Montessori School


Every school should have the Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids (NBHK) program! Through powerful lessons on mindfulness, NBHK teaches kids to understand and manage not only their own emotions but also the emotions of those they interact with. Meditation practices encourage self-reflection and present new channels for dealing with conflict. NBHK creates happy, emotionally intelligent kids who learn to spread joy and kindness wherever they go.

Lauren Smith, Mentor and Advisor


Through NBHK, kids learn they are extraordinary! For my young daughter, focused awareness practices encouraged self-reflection and presented new channels for dealing with conflict.  NBHK creates happy, emotionally intelligent kids who learn to use tools that bring them success in school and in their daily lives.

Kelli Coleman, Parent


Children absolutely love this program! Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids shows kids how to develop their social and emotional well-being.  The tools children are given sharpen their ability to radiate positive character attributes like confidence, patience, concentration, self-esteem, happiness and self-awareness.

Jo Coleman, Counselor


NBHK is a happy, energy-filled program where kids are entertained through music, movement, and educational games. They think they are just having fun, but they’re also absorbing important life skills with little effort and plenty of enthusiasm.

Roxanne Whitter, Counselor


Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids is a wonderful program that our 3 children (ages 2, 4, and 9) equally enjoy! They connected with Debbie instantly, and looked forward to every session. Our children were focused, engaged, and interactive the entire time! She played right along with them, which was so fun to see. They learned new skills to help them cope with common stresses all while having fun. Her positivity is contagious, and we could all benefit from that! We would definitely recommend this program.

John and Keshia G., Parents


Nana Bananas’ Happy Kids have fun learning new skills that empower them to develop focused awareness, gain confidence, believe in themselves, dream big and use their powerful imagination to assist them in managing emotions and strengthening their emotional intelligence.

Carmen Ross, Parent




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